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The Adicts grew up in the town Ipswitch, England. When they were teenagers in 1975 they decided to form a band. It would be Pete Davidson on guitar, Micheal (Kid) Davidson on drums, the very tall Mel Ellis on bass, and Keith (Monkey) Warren at the mic. Little did they know, that all four of them would still be playing together 30 years later. Their first gig was at a Boys Scout club where they used a motorcycle to generate power for the lights. They recorded their first single "Lunch with The Adicts" in 79'. And that's when they started touring and were getting a reputation. The Clockwork Orange 'droog style' didn't start at the beginning. The band decided that they were fed up with the trediness of punk rock. There was too much black, everyone looked like Crass and they were tired of that so they chose white. Then not long after that they adobted the droog look because they liked the teenaged angst of Alex and his brothers, Not the rapeings and violence. Around 1982 they became one of the most popular and famous punk bands. New songs kept on being created and the fans loved them more and more.They had so much success on the Indie Charts, topping it over and over again. They toured in the US, Europe, Japan, Austrailia, New Zealand, and in South America. The shows could get very rowdy. People sometimes jumped on stage and might accidentally kick a speaker or disconect a wire. It was crazy good times back in the days. The Adicts also avoided the typical politics sang about by other punk bands. Instead of complaining about a 'police state' or government, they wrote songs from the heart about what the felt like at the time. Many Adicts songs are about individuality, past romances, jokers, thrills, and anything else that pleased them. They did how ever write some political songs (ie. This is Your Life, Mary Whithouse, England). But mainly the overall goal The Adicts tried to achive was just the basic principal of HAVING FUN. And they have always achived that not only for themsleves but for the fans. After they released "27" in 93', they cooled down and rested for a while.
But they didn't stay rested for long. In 2002 they made their revival with a whole new album "Rise and Shine". They also had a new look with the addition of a second guitarist Mel's younger brother John (Scruff) Ellis, and Dan "the fiddle man" Gratziani to play the violin and piano. With the new album and fresh young blood in the band, they started major touring again just like the old days. They have headlined in major punk festivals like "Holidays in the Sun", "Wasted Fest", and others around the world. And have been almost non-stop touring ever since. In 2004 "Rollercoaster" came out and it was bold and hard-hitting. Although it's a little different from the old stuff, it's a great new album. Kid says that he really likes the way the tracks were put in order and it runs fast and smoothly all the way to the last song.
The amazing thing about The Adicts is that after already establishing themselves as legends in the 80's, they came back and are just as great now as they were back then and maybe even better now. Most great classic punk bands have long since retired. Maybe they have a reunion tour once every 5-10 years, with some differnt faces filling in for the dead guys or the members that just didn't want to do it. But The Adicts are anything but done. Pete claims that the shows are more fun these days and the fans have more of an appreciation for what they are witnessing. Monkey's costumes get more and more colorful, there are more funny props now days, and everything seems more professional. And it's still all the same guys that started it a long time back. Dan and Monkey live in Los Angeles. Pete lives in Germany. And Kid, Mel, and Scruff live in England. Monkey is an archiologist and has a son named Ceaton. Kid has a young child. Pete's son Luke tours with them and is in charge of the merch. They have the two original crew members Hoggy and Jim who do a great job, and their tour manager Randy. There are many people behind the scenes now who make sure everything goes just right. And when they're in New York that includes me :) . It is truely a blessing that this extreamly original band is still rocking. People of all ages flock to see them live and without a doubt they are the best live band to see these days. And Monkey's face is probably the most reconized image in all of punk rock. The words "tradition" and "fun" are best associated with The Adicts here in the new millenium. They do Not plan on retireing any time soon. If you haven't seen them, you must!


Viva Viva Viva!